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At Intouch Chiropractic, our mission is simple: we seek to help patients achieve optimal well-being through exceptional care in the Chula Vista area. Our skilled chiropractors, Dr. Devin Young, DC, DCCJP, and Dr. Jeanett Tapia, DC, ACP, are dedicated to transforming patients’ lives and providing them with relief from a wide range of conditions. Whether you are suffering from chronic back pain, concussions, headaches, herniated discs, neck pain, pinched nerves, or TMJ disorders, you can rely on our team to address your issues in a timely manner and with fantastic results.

Our Compassionate Team

Dr. Devin Young, DC, DCCJP: Dr. Young is not only a skilled chiropractor but also a Diplomate in Craniocervical Junction Procedures (DCCJP). His expertise in upper cervical chiropractic care allows him to offer innovative solutions for a variety of conditions. Dr. Young is dedicated to finding the root cause of your discomfort and tailoring treatments that provide lasting relief. Most importantly, he prioritizes open communication with his patients, ensuring that their concerns are addressed every step of the way.

Dr. Jeanett Tapia, DC, ACP: Dr. Tapia brings her compassionate approach to patient care to every procedure she carries out. She is committed to addressing her patients’ concerns and providing them with the highest level of care possible to help them regain their quality of life. With a wide array of experiences under her belt, she diversifies her methods for every client, ensuring that their issues are addressed as efficiently as possible.

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Comprehensive Care for a

Range of Conditions

Our practice specializes in treating a multitude of conditions, including:

Chronic back pain

Whether the patient is struggling with persistent lower back pain or discomfort in the upper back, we focus on restoring the spine's alignment for lasting relief.


Concussions are a serious consequence of trauma to the head. We provide innovative solutions to help you recover, enabling a smoother and quicker path to healing.


In serious cases, headaches can be truly debilitating. Our chiropractors offer specialized care to reduce the frequency and intensity of headaches, allowing you to get through the day without pain.

Herniated discs

We employ advanced techniques to alleviate the pain and discomfort associated with herniated discs, improving your spinal health.

Neck pain

If you're experiencing neck pain, our chiropractors will work to identify and address the underlying causes, providing you with effective treatments. We have helped countless patients overcome their neck-related issues, allowing them to enjoy a higher quality of life.

Pinched nerves

Our approach to pinched nerves includes gentle adjustments to release pressure, promoting your body's natural healing processes.

TMJ disorders

For those struggling with TMJ disorders, our chiropractic care helps alleviate discomfort and improve jaw function, enhancing your quality of life.

As your trusted partners in health and wellness, Dr. Devin Young and Dr. Jeanett Tapia are dedicated to helping you achieve your goals. At Intouch Chiropractic, we look forward to being a part of your journey to a healthier, pain-free life.

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If you're ready to take the first step toward a healthier, more comfortable life, we invite you to explore the comprehensive chiropractic services we offer right here in the Chula Vista area. Doctors Young and Tapia pride themselves on building life-long connections with their patients in Chula Vista and beyond, ensuring that they get the care they need whenever they need it. Our online reviews speak volumes about how our clients feel about us.

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