Dr. Jeanett Tapia, DC, ACP

Dr. Jeanett Tapia,DC, ACP

Chiropractor, Educator, San Diego Native

Dr. Tapia experienced NUCCA Spinal Care as a patient before she graduated from chiropractic school. She quickly became an advocate for this specialty chiropractic technique, witnessing patient after patient get relief. She learned several upper cervical techniques but came back to NUCCA as it was a lifesaver for her own personal health.

As a lifelong learner, she continually grows professionally and has advanced post-graduate training in Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression and Laser Therapy. Dr. Tapia completed the post-graduate Academy of Chiropractic Philosophers Program through Sherman College of Chiropractic after obtaining her Doctorate from Life Chiropractic College West. She was honored as the Outstanding Graduate for her Bachelor’s Degree in Human Nutrition at San Diego State University and also holds a Master’s Degree in Education.

To assist patients, she draws on her prior career experience working at Alvarado Hospital and as a science teacher at Sweetwater High School. She also leans on her prior pharmaceutical industry experience to help patients with their health.

In her personal time, she enjoys gardening, reading, and hiking with her dog, Charlie. She is originally from Mazatlán, Mexico and speaks Spanish fluently. However, she has called San Diego home for over four decades.

At Intouch Chiropractic,
We Never Stop Training

Dr. Tapia’s chiropractic education continues to be vastly different from most chiropractors. She doesn’t rely solely on her chiropractic schooling for her clinical skills. She saw her chiropractic diploma simply as a basic foundation. In no time, she wrapped up her graduation requirements so that she could spend time in the real world, in real clinics, with real patients, learning advanced care protocols. She didn’t rely on what was solely required to graduate, but on what she knew she would need to help her patients get well. Over the years, she has continually expanded and honed her skills with ongoing continuing education that surpasses the national standard.

You could say that Dr. Tapia was lucky to be exposed to NUCCA as part of an elective course, but she ran with it after that. She spent countless hours in NUCCA offices on her own dime, wanting to learn every detail so she could deliver clinical results herself. Right away she knew that these skills were not going to be taught, nor was she going to learn them in a chiropractic college setting. She quickly learned that this light touch adjustment required specificity, and this specificity required a lot more training.

Dr. Tapia

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To be able to practice NUCCA Chiropractic, extensive training in radiographic positioning and radiographic analysis are needed, all before even attempting to deliver an adjustment. Dr. Tapia has spent years learning these exacting procedures to provide the best possible care for her patients.

As a chiropractor in San Diego, she stays connected to the National Upper Cervical Chiropractic Association (NUCCA) by attending conferences annually. Despite years of success as a chiropractor, she never allows herself to become complacent, revisiting both NUCCA and non-NUCCA techniques and learning new ones to maintain her expert mastery of the field. During these events, she and her colleague Dr. Young train from top to bottom in all things NUCCA. She is always striving to improve her clinical skills to be able to help her patients even more.

Dr. Tapia completed a one-year program, the Academy of Chiropractic Philosophers, through Sherman College of Chiropractic. Through this program, she gained an even deeper understanding of the basis of the profession, and new skills to help her patients live free from pain. She successfully presented her thesis and has since served as a mentor for other participants of this program.

Dr. Young and Dr. Tapia have been amazing with my TMJ treatment. They really hear you, and your goals are their goals. I seriously feel like a new person after every appointment.

The Intouch Chiropractic Difference​​​​​​​

The most important thing for you to know about our chiropractors at Intouch Chiropractic is that we remain laser-focused on providing you with the best possible, customized care so that you can go back to living your life free from debilitating pain. Whether it is by learning state-of-the-art new technologies, re-visiting training in our areas of expertise, or simply practicing great listening, we will always put your health first.

Our clinic focuses on NUCCA Chiropractic Care, Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression, and Laser Therapy exclusively. Our services are different and unique. We feel confident in saying that we offer state-of-the-art patient care tailored to your individual needs through a powerful combination of gentle and effective treatments. We aim to deliver outstanding results while making every single one of your clinic visits enjoyable and easy. Our team is ready to help you get back on track.

Our chiropractors work hard to treat your primary complaints, but also work with you to help you cultivate long-term health. Once you’re free from chronic pain, we help you prevent future injuries. Your ongoing health is our highest priority. Don’t continue suffering from neck or back pain. It’s time to take charge of your health with Dr. Tapia at Intouch Chiropractic.

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