New Patients

A Guide for New Patients

Many of our patients mention that our San Diego chiropractic practice is different from what they are used to – in all the best ways. Many of our patients find us after they’ve been disappointed by more invasive treatments. We are here to help you find long-term health solutions and lasting freedom from pain. The Intouch Chiropractic difference has earned the respect of patients across Southern California. Our doctors and staff love helping new patients get answers to their health concerns!

Modern, Boutique Clinic,
Designed for Your Comfort

At Intouch, we prefer to see a select number of patients each day so we can give them our full, undivided focus. Patients are typically surprised when they arrive at our state-of-the-art practice. They are not used to experiencing luxury in association with chiropractic services! Our beautiful reception area boasts modern, sleek furniture and a Nespresso machine, allowing you to settle in and relax in style before your session. These small touches are all part of our commitment to excellence and make for a more comfortable treatment. From our courteous, friendly front desk staff to our skilled, experienced providers, we aim to make your visit rewarding and restorative.

What to Expect
& How to Prepare

Your First Visit:

Your first visit is a time to share your health history with one of our doctors. During your consultation, the doctor will determine if you are a candidate for our care. If we think we can help you, our doctors will recommend doing a complete examination and any necessary X-rays on your first visit to our clinic.

If you are not a candidate for our care, you will receive a referral to an appropriate healthcare provider. Our primary goal is to assist you in getting the help that you need.

Your Second Visit:

During your second visit to our clinic, the doctors will provide detailed results from your evaluation and your X-rays. Your treatment plan recommendations will be shared with you during this second appointment. Your treatment can begin right away, so you can begin to get relief quickly. Every patient that is accepted for care receives a tailored and customized treatment plan that is unique for them.

Get the Answers You Deserve

We strive to provide you with the best solutions for your healthcare needs. During your second visit, we will answer all questions, including:

  • Can you help me?

  • How long will it take to get well?

  • How much will my treatment cost?

Every patient is unique, and we do our best to ensure that you are taken care of in our clinic. We provide customized care and encourage you to learn more about how we have helped patients on our Testimonials page.

You can also browse our website to learn more about the services we provide: NUCCA Spinal Care, Non-Surgical Spinal Decompression, Class IV Laser, Shockwave Therapy, and our Knee Rehabilitation Program.

The Phases of Your Treatment Journey

Phase 1 –


The first objective of our care is to help you feel better as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, pain and symptoms are poor indicators of health. In fact, pain frequently only shows up after a health condition or disease has advanced to later stages. During this first phase of care, the main goal is to help reduce your symptoms.

Phase 2 –


During the corrective care phase, the objective is to help your muscles and soft tissues heal more completely. This helps prevent future injuries. The frequency of your visits will vary based on your individual progress, as well as the severity of your health condition.

Phase 3 –


Once your body has become more stable, we will make future recommendations for supportive care. The frequency of your check-ups will depend on how well you progress in your treatment plan. Our doctors will make recommendations based on your lifestyle and health goals.

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