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We listen. We care. We get results.

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Intouch Chiropractic | San Diego NUCCA Chiropractors

Our caring doctors are experts in their field using advanced chiropractic methods to deliver effective health care solutions for their patients. Gentle NUCCA chiropractors | San Diego, CA Learn more about us

NUCCA Upper Cervical Care

Many patients find relief because we use an Upper Cervical Care approach to health. This is a technique that analyzes and cares for the spine in a gentle, effective and precise way. NUCCA Upper Cervical Care gets to the root of the problem no matter where the symptoms are in your body.
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Why Patients Choose Us

It never costs anything to sit down with one of our doctors to discuss your needs. Our main purpose is to provide you with the care that you need for your body to function at its best, have less aches and pains and ultimately have a higher quality of life. We listen. We care. We get results.
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Our Philosophy

True health is not about how well you feel, but about how well your body functions. From newborns to seniors, your body has the amazing ability to heal itself, restore its function and perform at its best. We don't chase symptoms, we go straight to the cause of poor health.
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Testimonials - Why Our Patients Love and Trust Us


Depression and Anxiety Free with NUCCA in San Diego, CA

Anxiety and Depression Had Full Control of My Life “For several years, my anxiety and depression took full control of my life. It was a thin stream of fear trickling through my mind that eventually led to a channel into which all other thoughts were drained. I had intense...

Health Benefits of Chiropractic Care

While chiropractic care is oftentimes effective for pain relief, the doctors at Intouch Chiropractic in San Diego, CA help their patients achieve improved health and vitality. Patients from all ages, from babies to seniors, benefit from regular chiropractic care. NUCCA chiropractic care along with a healthy lifestyle provides an excellent foundation to long-term wellness. Discover if chiropractic care is right for you, and schedule a consultation with one of chiropractors today.

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Frequently Asked Quesitons

  • Do I have a pinched nerve?

    A pinched nerve creates symptoms of pain, numbness, tingling, burning, and aching. Pinched nerve pain often travels along a specific path. For example, a pinched nerve in your neck can create pain, tingling or numbness into your shoulder, arm, hand and fingers.
  • What is a Subluxation?

    Disturbance and interference to the nervous system is called a subluxation. The majority of the time your body adapts to a subluxation without consequence. When it can’t adapt, a subluxation affects your health by irritating or pinching a nerve.
  • What is NUCCA Upper Cervical Care?

    NUCCA Upper Cervical Care focuses on correcting a small misalignment of the bone structure that connects the head and neck. This misalignment can disrupt the communication between your brain and body causing pain, stress, tension, and physical or emotional dysfunction. A childhood fall, sports injury, birth trauma or car accident can be the cause of many common symptoms.

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Pain Elimination

NUCCA chiropractic care addresses issues like neck, shoulder, and lower back pain. In addition to providing pain relief, NUCCA chiropractors have great success with patients suffering with acute or chronic migraines, headaches, TMD, vertigo, dizziness, digestive problems and neurological disorders.

Better Posture

It takes more than sitting up straight and pressing your shoulder back momentarily to maintain proper posture and body balance. NUCCA upper cervical chiropractic care unwinds these postural distortions through gentle adjustments allowing a more balanced posture with lasting results.

Stress Relief

Our patients report managing stress more effectively, experiencing better moods and sleeping more peacefully. When your nervous system has less interference, your body is better able to handle and cope with the chemical, physical and emotional stressors that you encounter in everyday life.

TMJ Disorders & NUCCA

NUCCA Chiropractic effectively aligns the head and neck to a more neutral position with gentle adjustments. Our upper cervical chiropractors work together with dental professionals to improve the function of the jaw and to help end the cycle of pain and dysfunction for TMD patients.