Grateful That My Migraines Are a Thing of the Past

Migraines- A Thing of the Past

“I used to suffer from migraines periodically but when they started happening more frequently, they really started to affect my daily life. After meeting Dr. Young and I hearing about all the benefits of chiropractic care, I decided to come in and get checked. Seeing how misaligned my spine was in my x-rays, I was eager to start my treatment with Dr. Young and get adjusted.

After just one adjustment, I was amazed by how much better my entire body felt. I went from having migraines every few weeks to rarely getting them, if at all. I was no longer feeling pain in my upper back and shoulders, started sleeping better, and overall had more energy. After I was in a recent car accident, I was worried my progress would be set back but Dr. Young has helped me recover quickly and eased the pain I was feeling in the days and weeks that followed. I always enjoy my visits to Intouch. Also, I am grateful for the impact chiropractic care has had in my life and that my migraines are a thing of the past. I would recommend Intouch to anyone seeking to improve their health!”

-Kylie K.

How We Help Our Patients

Firstly, the information we gain from your consultation and exam helps our doctors determine if you are a candidate for care in our office. Rather than simply treating the symptoms, our specialists provide a long-term strategy to not only get the relief that you seek right away, but also prevent future spinal decay and pain.

If you have had radiographs or MRIs taken in the past, please bring them with you to your appointment for our doctors to review. Also, we see many patients that have failed other treatments such as prescription medications, physical therapy, and even surgery.

Don’t lose hope! We treat many patients successfully with our state-of-the-art non-surgical spinal decompression technology and upper cervical care.


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