Have You Ever Stopped to Think About the Miracle of Life?

Really stopped to think about the miracle of life? It’s absolutely mind boggling to think that an entire human being grows from two half-cells. What directs some cells to become the liver, the kidneys, fingers, toes, skin or the small intestine? In the chiropractic philosophy, we believe that we have an innate intelligence that directs all of these actions without our conscious effort or thought.

After all, mama isn’t thinking about how to grow her baby. It just happens. In fact, there have been cases in which moms went into labor without even knowing they were pregnant. Life is truly a miracle, and it doesn’t stop operating after you are born.

The same innate or inborn intelligence that designed your body from an egg and a sperm is still at play right now. It beats your heart, digests your food, grows your toe nails and allows you to blink without thought. This same intelligence is involved in the healing process when you are battling an infection, after you cut your finger or break a leg. After all, what is telling your body to send out clotting factors or mend a bone?

Innate Intelligence and the Spine

The chiropractic philosophy is based on the concept that our innate intelligence expresses itself largely through the nervous system. Your spine houses and protects your spinal cord, an important part of your central nervous system, which is the information highway between your brain and body. Any distortion or restriction of the human frame or spine can interfere with the nerves by disturbing their “tone” or “vibration.” Distortions create static within the nervous system which ultimately can create a breakdown in communication between the brain and body. Your nervous system controls and coordinates all of your cells, tissues, organs and glands. This of course includes your immune system which helps you fight off infections and dis-ease. Yes, we are walking miracles!


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