Help For My Allergies and Headaches

Hear from our patient how we’ve been able to help her,

“The reason why I came here was because my mom and sister already came here and my mom said it would help me with my health troubles. She was right! It did help me with my allergies and headaches. Thank you!”

-Omega Y.


Even our own doctors have had similar experiences, check it out!

“I had suffered with allergies for so long, having symptoms was my “normal” way of being, how sad is that? It wasn’t until I was listening to a speaker talk about the role of the nervous system in the immune system that it dawned on me; I hadn’t gotten sick in a really long time! I shuffled through my brain to recall the last time I was struck by my allergies. But, I couldn’t remember. I couldn’t believe how easily I had forgotten. After all those years, how could I forget? Easy, my body was designed for health and it wasn’t looking back. No doubt, having firsthand experience as a patient gives me great empathy for my patients.”

– Jeanett Tapia


How does chiropractic help?

Chiropractic helps your brain and body communicate better to indirectly have an improved immune response. Overall, there is an intimate relationship between the nervous system and all other systems. When your nervous system is clear and flexible, there is a natural flow to your life, growth and health. However, when there’s interference to its communication, it becomes a threat to your body’s capacity to respond and recover. This results in symptoms such as neck pain, back pain, allergies and headaches. As NUCCA chiropractors dedicated to freeing the nervous system, we have witnessed the body’s innate healing powers spontaneously unlock when the nervous system is clear.


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