Mental Clarity and Zero Back Pain

Mental Clarity and ZERO Back Pain

“I’ve never had any major back problems, at least nothing that was big enough in my mind to seek out a chiropractor.  But nobody lives completely pain free. I did have lower back issues. I just didn’t realize it. The pain started out gradual, probably when I started my office job and sat at a desk all day in bad posture. At first I ignore it, then I simply endure it and finally, I accepted it. The pain creeps up on you very subtly that before you know it, you believe that this feeling is normal. But it’s not. It shouldn’t be. Dr. Young helped me realize that. I’ve always had a high tolerance for pain, but that doesn’t mean I should have to suffer from it all the time.  Ever since I started my treatment with Dr. Young, I haven’t experienced any lower back pains. It feels great to feel great! Now I have mental clarity and zero back pain.

Physically, I felt amazing; mentally, I felt empowered

Alleviating the back pains was only the beginning though. Physically, I felt amazing; mentally, I felt empowered. Conquering the physical pain gave me the strength and courage to address other areas in my life where I was feeling miserable and stressed. It made me aware that I don’t need to tolerate these things. It wasn’t healthy. Coming into the office every week and reading the inspiring quotes on the ceiling has motivated me to make changes towards the improvement of my happiness and well being. Making such decisions aren’t always easy and can be frightening. But Dr. Young and InTouch Chiropractic are unique and special in the way that they not only adjust your spine, they support and encourage you in your pursuit for a successful and healthy lifestyle. I wouldn’t have gotten as far as I have today without their assistance, inspiration, and support. I know they’ll always have my back.”

Lisa N.

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