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Top 6 Benefits of Switching to a Standing Desk

Here’s a question for you to consider: how many hours do you spend seated each day?

The sudden and massive shift to remote workplaces and the work-from-home culture has led millions to increase the amount of time they sit in front of screens each day. Unfortunately, this increase in sedentary lifestyles has led to an increase in reports of back pain and neck pain.

Hours of sitting at a desk in an uncomfortable position can lead to what is known as Sitting Disease – a combination of negative health impacts that come from sitting all day:

  • Increased Back & Neck Pain
  • Risks For Heart Disease & Weight Issues
  • Higher Rates of Type 2 Diabetes
  • Reduced Mental Health
  • Shorter Life Expectancy

Fortunately, you can fight back against the impacts of sitting at a desk by switching up your workspace with a more health-conscious option: a standing desk.

Standing desks have grown in popularity in the past few years as people have looked for ways to improve their health, while boosting their productivity. Coming in both adjustable and static styles, standing desks offer tons of benefits.

6 Benefits of Switching to a Standing Desk

Have you been considering making the move to a standing desk, but not sure if the benefits outweigh the cost? To help you make the move to a healthier choice, here are the top six benefits of a standing desk:

1. A Standing Desk Can Reduce Back Pain & Strain

You’ve likely dealt with back pain at some point in your life. In fact, back pain or strain is an issue that nearly 80% of adults will experience at some point in their lives.

Those who suffer from occasional or chronic back pain will often make the choice to purchase a big, comfortable office chair to help reduce their strain. Unfortunately, today’s modern office chairs may be doing more harm than good for your back pain.

Studies continue to show that switching to standing desks can help reduce the amount of strain on backs. One particular 2011 study – known as the “Take-a-Stand Project” – reported that those who stood while they worked for at least an hour each day saw a 54% reduction in their upper back and neck pain. Now imagine what would be possible if you invested that same amount of time – or more – each day with a high-quality standing desk!

2. Standing Desks May Decrease the Risk of Heart Disease

Not only has science studied the impacts of standing while working on your back, but research has shown that standing can improve your heart health! In fact, these studies have decades of science at their disposal.

A study printed in the 1958 British Medical Journal surveyed bus company employees about the impacts of sitting and standing while on the job. The study found that those who were seated while driving for the majority of the day experienced a risk of developing heart disease twice as often as those that stood more often for their job.

The findings have held true. Continued research has continued to report that workers who lead a daily sedentary lifestyle are more likely to have heart and cardiovascular health issues. Yet, with a simple change in daily activity, that risk can be greatly reduced.

3. Standing Desks Are Great for Weight Loss & Management

Standing desks are also great for those who are looking for an easy addition to their weight management or weight loss program. When standing and working, your body is more fully engaged in physical activity, which means you are actively burning calories.

In some cases, you may find that you will burn nearly 50 extra calories each hour that you stand and work. At that rate, it’s easy to see how you can potentially burn nearly 750 extra calories each week!

Over an entire working year, switching to a standing desk could help increase your activity levels and burn nearly 30,000 extra calories. The numbers add up, as that is close to the equivalent of running ten marathons in a single year.

All that activity for simply switching to a standing desk? Totally worth it!

4. A Standing Desk Can Improve Your Mood

A major issue facing office employees is the rising rates of anxiety and depression. While there are many factors to consider when looking at mental health, one aspect that many agree on is the overall feeling of “blah” that comes from being seated all day.

Increased sedentary working days have shown to contribute to higher rates of depression, anxiety, and other mental struggles. The same “Take-a-Stand Project” reported that of those interviewed, individuals who switched out their seated workspace with a standing desk said that they were happier, healthier, and felt less stressed at their workplace.

Ensuring that employees are cared for in both their physical and mental state can offer plenty of benefits for an organization. Giving the option to employees to have standing desks can be a great investment in your team’s moods, health, and satisfaction!

5. Standing Desks Are Great Energy Boosters

Not only can a standing desk bring a boost to mood, but they are a great way to increase your overall energy.

It’s hard to imagine, but you can actually get worn out from sitting all day; similar to how you feel after a day-long car trip! When you sit at a desk all day, your body’s blood sugar plummets. Low blood sugar may have you reaching for a sugary snack which only deepens the feeling of exhaustion.

With a standing desk, you will keep your mind and body engaged in your current activities. This will in turn help you brain to stay “switched on,” and your energy levels will remain high during times when you usually dip into a tired state.

6. Use a Standing Desk to Boost Your Productivity

Finally, there is nothing more important in the workplace than feeling accomplished and effective. If you are looking for a way to increase your productivity, a great way to hack your workplace is with a standing desk!

Whether you find yourself answering emails, making phone calls, or hosting video chats, standing up while you work will help you increase your productivity. The feeling of standing helps to hone in your mind and body to whatever you are focusing on, which will keep you awake and alert. Combine this with your overall increased health and mood, and you will start to see your daily work improve in efficiency and effectiveness.

Not bad for a simple switch to standing!

Take a Stand With Intouch Chiropractic

At Intouch Chiropractic, our commitment to our patients is to provide the latest and most impactful information related to your overall health and well-being. With simple lifestyle changes such as moving to a standing desk, you can dramatically improve your daily workplace experience and reduce a number of chronic aches and pains.

Making the switch to a standing desk brings many benefits to your health. This simple switch can completely change your workplace environment. While a standing desk can be a bit to get used to, over time the benefits of using this type of desk far outweigh the negative health consequences.

With standing desks becoming more mainstream, there are new types and styles coming on the market that fit nearly any workplace environment or style. Our current favorites are at IKEA as they have different sizes and colors, and don’t break the bank.

Our team is always working to improve the lives of our patients though non-invasive, drug-free treatment options for their pain and discomfort.


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