Save Thousands $$$ in a Car Accident

Save Thousands in a Car Accident: We Pay $5.79 for $100,000 Coverage

You are driving down the road minding your own business, and boom…you get in a car accident. The accident is clearly not your fault and everyone involved knows it. You think, no big deal and exchange information with the other driver. It doesn’t seem like you are hurt, so you don’t need medical attention. You don’t go to the emergency room or need an ambulance. In fact, you don’t even go to urgent care. Yes, it’s an inconvenience but you are ok. Sure, you got an instant headache and your back and neck hurt, but it’s not the end of the world. You are right, it’s not. Usually! Accidents like this happen all day, every day, to people just like you and me. Save thousands in a car accident by protecting yourself and avoid the hassle and the stress.

The key is to have “medical payments” also known as “medpay” on your auto policy. We only pay $5.79 for $100,000 in medical payments coverage per month. You read that right! Only $5.79 per month for $100,000…and that’s for 2 cars!!! Seriously, you can’t beat that. That’s less than the cost of a latte and a muffin.

Here’s the Catch with Car Accident Liability

Make sure to read the fine print. Most people don’t know that there is an optional portion to your auto insurance policy called “medical payments.” If you are lucky, your insurance agent mentioned this benefit and insisted you add it to your policy. Keep in mind that it is 100% optional for personal injury.

This part of your policy protects your body, not your car. Medical payments are for medical costs, so make sure you get this added to your policy right away. If you do have medical payments, make sure that it’s at the highest dollar amount offered. Trust us, an ambulance ride is super expensive and can eat a $5,000 limit pronto.

Sure your auto insurance will pay to get your car fixed whether it’s your fault or not if you have that coverage, but they absolutely, positively will NOT pay for medical expenses due to an accident unless you have “medical payments.”

You say, “It’s ok, the car accident wasn’t my fault.” You are correct, it wasn’t, but there isn’t any guarantee that the other driver has insurance or that their insurance company will pay for damages to your body. There are many budget auto insurance companies on the market, and some drivers carry ultra-low coverages.

Let’s Get Real

It can take years to sort it all out. You can’t afford to wait and take care of your body until that happens. After all, you can buy another car, but you certainly can’t buy another body. We can’t stress this enough. We, as San Diego whiplash experts, suggest you get looked at shortly following an accident- the sooner you get care, the easier it is for your body to heal.

Avoid This Mistake

Patients have used their personal health insurance policies to get care in our office for injuries after they have been in an accident. We highly discourage you from doing so. Here’s why…your health insurance policy doesn’t want to pay bills that they don’t believe they are responsible for whether you were at-fault or not. We have seen companies like HealthNet and Blue Shield make payment to our office and then when they discover that it’s due to a car accident, they go after the patient for reimbursement. Especially if the patient is getting a pain-and-suffering settlement. Trust us, it’s a HUGE headache. Avoid this trap. Save yourself the hassle. Health insurance companies hire outside companies to sniff out these types of claims specifically, so make sure to read the fine print.

Don’t Wait Until It’s Too Late

Don’t delay, add medical payments to your auto policy right away. Medical payments are so inexpensive, we recommend that you request the maximum dollar amount available under your policy. It is seriously the most affordable form of health care available today. Like we mentioned, it’s pennies on the dollar.

Plus, you can get treatment right away no matter who is at-fault from one of our neck pain experts!

We are happy to answer any and all of your questions regarding this complex topic. Protect yourself now, and get your auto policy coverages in order. Call our office at (619) 756-7510 for help.

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