3 Ways San Diego Chiropractors Help

Patient Seek Care: 3 Ways San Diego Chiropractors Help

There are many reasons why patients choose to see a chiropractor in San Diego. Many patients see us for relief for, pain in the neck, low back pain, vertigo, dizziness, migraines, advanced neurological problems, allergies and headaches. However, more and more patients are seeing an abundance of benefits from continued care or wellness care. Taking care of your spine is just like taking care of your teeth! Even after you have a cavity filled, you continue to brush and floss your teeth, right? The benefits of chiropractic go way beyond pain relief, and definitely help improve your quality of life.

1.Stress Relief

When your spine is out of alignment, you feel tension in your body and commonly feel pain on one side of your body specifically. Odds are that you feel muscle tension and that something in your spine is out place. You try to stretch it out, but the pain and tension returns. You may even go get a massage, but the relief doesn’t last. This nagging discomfort can cause physical stress that doesn’t ever allow your body to fully relax. Immediately after an adjustment, it’s common for patients to take a deep breath as muscle balance and proper nerve flow is restored. Patients feel less tense and handle stress way easier after an adjustment.

2.Improved Health

When we adjust patients, we are removing subluxations that keep your nervous system from working properly. Patients tell us that they simply feel better when they are in alignment. They report all kinds of physiological changes that we couldn’t have predicted when we first sat down with them at their initial consultation. Although we can’t draw direct conclusions, we hear anecdotal reports often of improved function and better health. Having improved brain-body communication through clear nerve impulses helps keep our patients healthy.

3.Better Sleep

So many people suffer from insomnia, sleep apnea, and poor sleep. Could it be that having less pain, stress and body aches helps you sleep better at night? Possibly. We hear from patients on a daily basis that they are falling asleep easier, staying asleep longer and having more restful sleep. This is music to our ears because not only are our patients well rested, their bodies are healing and repairing during sleep. At this point in time, it is well documented that poor sleep affects every aspect of your life. Getting a good night’s rest naturally is priceless! Want in? Call our office and add chiropractic to your lifestyle.

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