My headaches and pains all went away…

“I was involved in two accidents this summer that had really jacked up my neck and back.  I was having headaches, numbness, tingling and severe pain in my arms and back along with blurry vision.  After my first adjustment I noticed my vision wasn’t fuzzy in my left eye anymore!  That was huge for me being an Artist. Also, my headaches and pains were getting better.

However, in the following visits my headaches and pains all went away and I feel like a new man! It’s kinda crazy people are walking around with problems of the spine and nervous system that will only get worse if left untreated.  I was like most of them, telling myself that it was just part of life, pain, suffering and stiffness is just how it is.  You don’t have to live like that anymore; Dr. Young can make you feel like a real person again.  A person that can feel there whole body with no numb places or constant pain.  I feel great, I know you will too.”

-Champion G.

They Are Common But Not Normal

It is common for patients to report that their symptoms started early in life and that they have suffered for years. The typical migraine headache throbs and pulses, and is commonly associated with nausea and changes in vision. Up to 20% of the U.S. population will experience a migraine at some point in their life. Up to two-thirds of those who suffer from migraines are women. Thankfully, there’s hope! After treatment in our office, we’ve seen patients with decades of headaches improved and migraines are a thing of the past!


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